INTERVIEW | Snapshot of a Snowboarder with Ettore Stramignoni

INTERVIEW | Snapshot of a Snowboarder with Ettore Stramignoni

Irish Bootstrapper caught up with Ettore Stramignoni recently to get an insight into the life of a Snowboard & Wakeboard instructor and how it all began.

Ettore Stramignoni

Eugene: Thanks for taking the time out to chat with me. So Ettore, where are you from?

Ettore: I'm from Italy and I'm a snowboard instructor and wakeboard instructor.

Eugene: So how did all this begin for you?

Ettore: Here's my story: As every other guy in Italy, I studied at the high school and then went to Uni. Got my masters degree in physics, published my thesis about Ocean Waves, ready to start a very normal office job. I started to work in a big commercial company, got my permanent job contract and my pretty decent salary. Then I started to think. I loved snowboarding, wake boarding, wind surfing and surfing. I had the money to travel and follow my passions. But not the time. Let's change everything: this is how I started to travel and work as a snowboard/wakeboard instructor all year round! I did a winter season in Aussie, spent two summers in Bali, went wake boarding in Thail(land). Travelling around Europe in a self-made camper van (and now a camper-car, as they stole my van). I love my job and love how people get to have so much fun learning how to ride those boards.That's what life means to me.

Eugene: What have you learned about personal growth that people could benefit from?

Ettore: Follow your dreams, they know the way. As soon as I started following my dreams and my passions everything started to naturally flow in the right direction. One choice implied new opportunities, new opportunities imply better choices. Don't stoop to what society tells you is just the normal and easy path. Get over it, get over your fears, keep doing what you love.

Eugene: Name one time where you really struggled mentally with something and how did you overcome it?

Ettore: When I was working in the office 8 hrs per day and couldn't realise it was just a choice, not something I had to do.

Eugene: Biggest physical challenge in your life to date?

Ettore: When I broke my ACL last year. I learnt everything needs training and that we are not invincible. :)

Eugene: What would be your top tip for somebody trying something new (e.g. travelling to new lands, a new physical pursuit etc)

Ettore: Happiness is the only important thing in our short life. Always choose whatever makes you happy. Nothing is mandatory, just live your life at its best and pursue happiness. The only limit is to no hurt other people.

Eugene: Do you have a favourite book?

Ettore: Siddartha

Eugene: What's your favourite quote?

Ettore: Follow your dreams, they know the way.

Eugene: Name two people who inspire you.

Ettore: My father and my mother.

Eugene: Thanks so much. That's great and so many words of wisdom for people. Before we go, Ettore, how can people reach out, follow you or show their support?

Ettore: Instagram: @ettore_stramignoni

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