Nicky's Top 5 Morning Hikes!

Nicky's Top 5 Morning Hikes!

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Being a hiker or going on a hike doesn’t have to be an all-day event. There are plenty of beautiful hikes & walks that  can be easily squeezed into the busiest of lifestyles. I like to call these hikes my morning mitches. A morning mitch is when I wave my kids off to school and then I head for the hills where I hike and picnic for lunch somewhere in beautiful Wicklow and I still manage to be home with a cup of tea in my hand and maybe a few Instagram pictures posted all before my kids return from school! 

Here are my top 5 morning mitches:

1) The Great Sugarloaf

The Great sugarloaf is definitely my top go to Mitch and my favourite Wicklow mountain. It never disappoints for a challenge and  those breathtaking views of Wicklow and of the Irish Sea make the climb well worthwhile. This hike can be done in less than two hours at a leisurely pace with a summit picnic and the all important summit selfies.

2) Church Mountain

Church Mountain is the nearest mountain in the Wicklow mountain range to Kildare. This is a gentle 8k walk with a great mixture of forestry roads and firebreaks. The summit of church mountain has a very large carin and that all important trig pillar for those all important Instagram pictures, who doesn’t love a good carin right!  From the summit of church mountain you can see west Wicklow in all its glory and the beautiful Blessington lakes. 

3) Sorrel Hill

Sorrel hill is located near the picturesque village of Lacken. There are two routes that you can take to summit sorrel hill. Up can head straight up in less than 40 minutes from the carpark on the gap road or you can dander up the mass path from the village which is a well marked trail and is roughly a 9K hike. The summit of Sorrell hill has a beautiful raised cairn which makes for a beautiful picnic spot where you can sit and enjoy the views of the Blessington lakes and surrounding mountains and enjoy the silence of this hidden gem.

4) Djouce Mountain

Djouce mountain from Lough Tay and the JB Malone marmoreal. This is a 8k walk which straight away into the climb has astonishing views over Lough Tay which is also known as the Guinness lake. This is a stunning boardwalk hike which is not too strenuous. Before you summit Djouce you can also see the cheeky great sugarloaf peeking over at you from the right make sure to give her a wave or wink. At the summit of Djouce there is a raised trig pillar where you can stand tall over Wicklow and feel proud of your accomplishments.

5) Cruagh

Cruagh is located in the Dublin side of the Wicklow mountains and is part of the Dublin mountain way. This is a gentle 5/6k forest walk that has it all. It has views, the boardwalk and a beautiful summit where you can look over Dublin or Wicklow. 

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