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1 Eye On 2 World Records | The Baikal Project.

In February 2020, Irishman, Gary Ó Keefe and an international team set off on a mission to break 2 world records! Irish Bootstrapper caught up with Gary at the 1 Eye On The World HQ workshop back in July 2019 for the preparation stages of this mad mission! To drive 750km on a frozen lake, Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. In a custom van, the UAZ and some finely tuned KTM bikes! 

The Baikal Project was born.

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Living With The Big D.

This is the backstory of the Irish Bootstrapper brand, as told by its Founder, Eugene Devereux. After battling depression for all of his adult life and quitting the traditional path, Eugene gave birth to a new movement to inspire others who may be battling with themselves to try something new, like travel, to push out their comfort zone and find meaning and happiness in the process. 

Become The Journey.

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