TEFL - Teaching English in Vietnam (Travel more!)

TEFL - Teaching English in Vietnam (Travel more!)

Travel the world!

In a nutshell, some basic TEFL training allows you to travel more! Does that sound interesting? Read on to learn more.

What is TEFL?

You may have seen or heard of TEFL before. But what do the letters TEFL stand for?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language. You mean not everybody in the world speaks English!?

Funnily enough, many countries of the world don’t speak native English, but for some reason or another a lot of people and businesses want to learn English. This is the case in South East Asia. Specifically, in Vietnam, there are probably thousands wishing to or actively learning English. You might think, “but where?”.

Where Can I teach English?

You can teach and travel in many countries around the world. From our own experience in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam, we have come across at least one hundred places where you can teach English. These are scattered across the city, on main streets, up side roads and narrow hems and vary in building size, standard and the professionalism of the establishment.

Firstly, You can teach in the public schools. The school system in Vietnam is as follows:

Kindergarten > Elementary School > Secondary School > High School > University. So many options there!

Secondly, you can teach in an English Language Centre like Galaxy or English Link.

And thirdly, you can teach privately or at a cafe. “English Coffee Clubs” seem to be a popular way for Vietnamese and native English speakers alike to meet, discuss a topic and have a coffee in a more casual environment.

Imagine speaking English for a living in a foreign country, getting paid, meeting new people and traveling more!

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How To Get Started?

With some basic TEFL training, holding a Bachelor’s Degree and being a native English speaker, you can start looking for work immediately. Remember many cities will have millions of people. Think about that for a second! In Saigon for example, there are probably 10 million people. Even 1% of that means 100,000 people needing/wanting to learn English! At the end of the day, if you love traveling, then earning while you travel is a great option for you.

We have partnered with North American TEFL to offer you a great 120 hour TEFL course to get you started. By simply going to northamericantefl.com and using our coupon code “irishbsTEFL” at the Checkout, you’ll get a whopping $100 off the course! It’s that simple.

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The Teaching Day

From our experience in Vietnam, the teaching day is more or less broken up into thirds, morning, afternoon and evening.

Morning session - Public school will start at 7.15am and finish at 10.55am (with a 20 min break in between).

Afternoon session - Public school will start at 1pm and finish at 3.55pm (with a 20 min break in between).

Evening session - Language Centers / Agencies will have classes on throughout the day but the majority are from 5.45pm - 8.45pm.

How Many Hours Will I Work and What’s The Salary like?

Based on the above scenario, you can work anywhere from 3 hours to 8/9 hours a day if you really wanted to! However, depending on your goals, living location and how much free time you want, you might settle for somewhere around the 4-6 hours per day.

Classes are also on Saturdays in both Public Schools and the Language Centers so you can work an extra day that you might not have back home. Again, it’s all down to what you want.

Your salary will depend on your experience, the location, time of year and your negotiation skills. But it will range from $15 - $25 per hour depending on the type of teaching and the above variables.


But I’m not a teacher, I have never taught back home!?

Relax! From our experience, once you have a Bachelor’s Degree, your TEFL Certificate (like from doing our partner course mentioned above), have your CV in order with your local contact details on it, you are on your way. Remember, if you can speak English clearly, do a TEFL course and are semi-organised, you can teach English! Have confidence in yourself.

If you do have teaching, management, volunteering and supervision experience from summer camps or voluntary work it is definitely a plus so highlight these on your CV and when you call into potential establishments. But this is not essential.

Looking For TEFL Work abroad

  • Dress professionally, be polite and patient.
  • Update your CV/Resumé so it is relevant and recent, including your new contact details.
  • Have your CV, Bachelor’s Degree and TEFL certs all printed out (make a few copies of each)
  • It’s a numbers game! If you call into 10 potential Agencies or Centers, it’s better than calling into 2.
  • The Agency or Language Centre will give you attire and other guidelines based on where they are sending you. They will also discuss salary and payday information.
  • Typically, when you start, the Agency / Centre will escort you to the school or location on your first day.

Benefits of TEFL

  • You learn a new skill - teaching English!
  • People who want/need to learn English are learning from you.
  • You are earning a decent salary in a low-cost-of-living country.
  • It’s fun a lot of the time.
  • The days go by quickly.
  • And most of all, you get to live and work in a foreign country, while saving up to travel more on your time off!

Travel The World With a TEFL Course Today

Here's a sneak preview of what you'll learn.

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