The Bootcast | S1 - E7 | The 7 Summits with Mark Pattison

The Bootcast | S1 - E7 | The 7 Summits with Mark Pattison

I'm so excited to be introducing this special guest on Episode #7 of The Bootcast! 
Today, our guest is Mark Pattison, the ex-NFL player on a mission to conquer all seven summits (the highest peaks in the seven continents). The record is to be the first NFL player to summit all seven peaks.

From his love of the outdoors and the mountain life to the discipline he learned all those years ago playing football, Mark goes deep on the "why", the training and challenges he faces along the way as well as the practicalities & technicalities of what he has set himself out to do. A behemoth challenge indeed!

Without further adieu, please welcome Mark Pattison to this week's episode of The Bootcast.

To follow Mark's journey and go to @markpattisonnfl on Insta, on Facebook and check out Mark's own podcast, "Finding Your Summit". On the web >>>

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