The Bootcast | S1 - E8 | 1 Eye On The World with Gary Ó Keeffe

The Bootcast | S1 - E8 | 1 Eye On The World with Gary Ó Keeffe

Another special guest is in the hot seat this week, with a one-eyed Irishman on a mission to set two world records for driving on ice!

Abbeyleix man, Gary Ó Keeffe shares his story with us about how he lost sight in one eye, went on to do many challenging driving expeditions from Mexico to Mongolia, sometimes on two wheels and often in a 4x4!

Gary's latest mission involves a custom van build for the "longest drive on ice" world record along with 6 experienced bikers setting the "longest ride on ice" record, setting off for Lake Baikal in Siberia next February 2020. This one is a big deal and is quite dangerous, involving lots of careful planning and experienced crew. Besides the crew, Gary also has the help of Hollywood Documentary maker & Cameraman, Claudio Von Planta, from the famed Long Way Around documentary back in 2004 with Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor! 

Please welcome Gary Ó Keeffe to this week's episode of The Bootcast.

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