The Bootcast | S3 - E12 | Unique Sea Stackin' with Iain Miller

The Bootcast | S3 - E12 | Unique Sea Stackin' with Iain Miller

S3 - E12 | Unique Sea Stackin' with Iain Miller.
The final episode of Series 3 brings us up to Donegal, to chat with a Scottish man, mad for the outdoors!
Iain is a rock climber, guidebook author and hill walker living, working and playing on the sea cliffs, sea stacks, mountain ranges and uninhabited islands of County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland. His company Unique Ascent offers training and activities for the outdoors lover or someone looking for a new challenge.
In this show, we get some 

  1. great insight into this adventurous pursuit 
  2. how Iain deals with risk and 
  3. hear about what falling 60 feet into the sea taught Iain

You can find out more about Iain & Unique Ascent at or @Uniqueascent on Instagram.

Listen or watch the show below:


As the series finishes up, a huge word of thanks to any of you listening and watching The Bootcast since we started. We are doing it for you, to help you with your own challenges in life. Please leave a review or rating wherever you listen to the pod.

Series 4 is in the pipeline and it's going to be epic! GUEST CALLOUT - any guest suggestions for series 4, please contact, or DM @IrishBootstrapper on Instagram.


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