Camping, Hiking & Mountaineering Gear

Camping, Hiking & Mountaineering Gear

Your Favourite Gear - Hiking, Camping & Mountaineering

What are your favorite Camping, Hiking & Mountaineering pieces of gear?

I've thought about this recently as I was considering what to pack for my first Camino trip (Sept 7th - Sept 14th, 2019).

To the average Joe, hiking/trekking/climbing/camping genuinely might all sound like the same thing! But they are very different beasts with very specific requirements and snares to watch out for.

Heading off into the abyss without the correct gear and clothing can be an unwise move. It depends on your level of experience, determination and tolerance levels of unexpected events. This could be something simple as a "waterproof" jacket that doesn't quite keep you dry or something as extreme as an all-weather jacket to reach the top of Mount Everest. Technical ware in this game is a minefield as is the Accessories and Tools arena. 

Accessories & tools, clothing, foods and supplements all factor into getting through that hike, trek or camping trip in the wild.

I'd love to hear from you about your favourite gear in each "category"...which in itself may be a difficult one to call.


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