A word from our founder, Eugene Devereux on how it all got started.

From battling with depression for all of my adult life and quitting the traditional life-path, I gave birth to a new movement to inspire others who may be battling themselves to try something new, like travel, adventure and pushing out their comfort zone, to find meaning and happiness in the process. 

This is Irish Bootstrapper.

Irish Bootstrapper is a new Irish lifestyle brand, helping you go from stuck or lost in life to living a more fulfilled life of purpose and adventure, through hiking and getting into the outdoors.

Irish Bootstrapper goals:  

1) To inspire you to challenge yourself and try something new, taking control of your life and your happiness, like hiking and adventure travel.

2) To promote the importance of positive mental health as part of our lives.

3) To inform, educate and entertain you with high quality content from the worlds of Travel & Adventure, Elite Sports, Mental Health and Global Business. Check out our podcast, The Bootcast, with 50 episodes and more to come! Stories of people who have overcome massive challenges in life (be that mentally, physically or both), whether that's setting a world record on a mountain, launching a new business or simply finding happiness in starting a new hobby.

4) To provide high quality products and services to those who are passionate about living their best life with a keen interest in the active and adventurous lifestyle. Check out our store for our great range!

5) To promote Irish Tourism & Travel Businesses and to promote Ireland Inc abroad. 

~Become The Journey~