From battling with depression for all of my adult life and quitting the traditional life-path, I gave birth to a new movement to inspire others who may be battling themselves to try something new, like travel or adventure and pushing out their comfort zone, to find meaning and happiness in the process. 

This movement is Irish Bootstrapper.

Irish Bootstrapper takes you from stuck and lost in your career or life to a fulfilling life of purpose, adventure and travel.

The four primary goals of Irish Bootstrapper are: 
1) Informing, Educating and Entertaining you with Travel, Adventure and Mental Awareness content
2) Showing you stories of people who have overcome great challenges in life (mentally, physically or both), whether that's quitting a job or starting a new hobby or climbing a mountain 
3) Inspiring you to challenge yourself with something new (hopefully travel!) and
4) Doing my part to promote Irish Tourism and Ireland 

~Become The Journey~